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[APD] CO2 Questions

I'm in the process of setting up a number of 20 gallon tanks to test the Barr Method. I'll be running 4 tanks the "Barr Way", and 4 tanks the "Lazy Ass" way. In particular I'll monitor plant growth, fish health and algae growth.

In the end,  I'm trying to combine the two and develop the "Lazy Ass Barr Method". This means I don't want to be mixing sugar and yeast, poking holes in balloons or stuff like that. I'd much rather put the money down and buy the right equipment.

Since the "Lazy Ass" way never included larnin' 'bout nuttin' complicated I'm struggling to make sure I properly understand how this C02 stuff works.

At http://www.aquabotanic.com/abstore/en-us/dept_3.html they list a product called, "Complete C02 system w pH controller". If I understand things correctly, all I need is this system and a CO2 cylinder, and perhaps some airline to run the CO2 from the regulator to the tank. Am I missing anything?
At this point I'm very open to any other recommendations on how to put a good C02 system together. The budget is less important than my time.
Based on this system, what would be the recommended bubble count into a 20 gallon tank, and how many hours is the suggested CO2/Light period.
Also, does anyone know any convenient ways to dose food accurately? Fish food is likely to be the input that has the most potential for variance. I would like to limit that as much as possible.


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