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[APD] RE: excess K+

> The reason I ask, is that I'm pretty sure I'm way overdosed on K+ 
> and I'm going to stop dosing for a while.

How are you "sure"?
I'd like to know what levels of K+ consitutes an overdose or negative
effects on plants that is not caused by something else.
Do tell.
Erik and myself have done K+ levels with supposedly sensitive plants at
50-60ppm for myself, he went to 100ppm K+.
I've had high K+ for a decade now and cannot attribute a single issue to
high K+.

Our plants are jamming.
Now do I need that much? No, 10ppm or more is fine and plenty.
KNO3 adds enough by itself.

 I remember some recent 
> 'haze' episodes in the water after water changes, which is when I 
> dose ferts. I'm wondering if there is so much K+ that it is 
> precipitating itself or other things out of the water. 


I'll start 
> K2SO4 up again when -my- plants "get mad". ;-)
> TW 

> Sometimes dropping down the K can show up with Ca
> deficiency symptoms because, plants apparently sometimes
> substitute K for Ca when Ca is low.

.....And then monkey's flew out of my butt.........

If you are using KNO3, it's unlikely you need K2SO4.

Tom Barr

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