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[APD] Re: K+ Deficiency Symptoms - Scott?

The reason I ask, is that I'm pretty sure I'm way overdosed on K+
and I'm going to stop dosing for a while.

How are you "sure"?
I'd like to know what levels of K+ consitutes an overdose or negative
effects on plants that is not caused by something else.
Do tell.
Erik and myself have done K+ levels with supposedly sensitive plants at
50-60ppm for myself, he went to 100ppm K+.

I'm pretty sure, because -I- put it in there, probably up to 50 ppm. Anyway, I stopped a few days ago and did a water change and now things are perking up. Not sure if it's related.

Backing off the lights from 3 to 2 WPG has been a very nice change. Things are slow and steady, but I needed to recalibrate all the dosing to match, K+ was the last.


PS: Scott asked about the testing technique for those SilenX fans a while back. I noticed this blurb on the package:

"All measurements are taken in an anechoic chamber from a distance of 1 m along each of the 3 axis. Actual noise output may vary depending on the ambient temperature and amount of obstructions in the airflow path."

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