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[APD] Alternative Co2 sources

Anyhbody know the ppm of c02 in soda water?

Anybody with a test kit want to make some dilutions and test them?

I noticed this today on some hydroponics site:

'CO2 can be supplied by various means, including injection from compressed
tanks of liquid gas, production via combustion, fermentation, chemical
reaction and catalytic combination. Tanks of compressed gas and combustion
are the two most common methods for CO2 fertilization, with combustion being
mainly used in outdoor greenhouses where excess heat can be used. Fuel
supplies for combustion include propane and methane. The fermentation method
using brewer's yeast can be applied to small grow-rooms, but is messy and
smelly, but cheap and effective. The chemical reaction of baking soda
(sodium bicarbonate) and acid can also be used. There are new catalytic
converters that combine propane with oxygen to produce CO2 and water vapor
without a flame. These are currently being marketed as mosquito repellants."

Mosquito repellents? 


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