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[APD] Vox nutria, was (excess K+)

At 01:11 PM 12/9/2004 -0800, you wrote:
>> The reason I ask, is that I'm pretty sure I'm way overdosed on K+ 
>> and I'm going to stop dosing for a while.
>How are you "sure"?
>I'd like to know what levels of K+ consitutes an overdose or negative
>effects on plants that is not caused by something else.
>Do tell.
>Erik and myself have done K+ levels with supposedly sensitive plants at
>50-60ppm for myself, he went to 100ppm K+.
>I've had high K+ for a decade now and cannot attribute a single issue to
>high K+.

I did a booboo two weeks ago and put 200ppm (measured) in my 70 gal tank[1]. The
same day I scraped all the green spot algae (not much really) off one half
of the tank.

Two weeks and a few water changed later, the nitrates are down to 120ppm.
The ammano shrimp and crypts in the tank never acted wierd even for 
a second, and no green spot algae has grown. No any kind of alage
has grown. I've had to add iron 3 times so far and it's still low
and our water has near toxic amounts of the stuff.

Whenever I hear "problem caused by overdosing a nutrient" I think
"uh-huh, test for ammonia".

[1] low light, 3 hrs sunchine (on sunny days, winter - bah)
no co2. 


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