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Re: [APD] lights/cover

At 08:57 PM 12/7/2004 -0800, you wrote:
>I do not know if this is relevant, but several people in my aquarium club
use egg-crate style covers to support the lights; these direct the light
straight down, keep a slight buffer between lights and tank top (most folks
are using them on reef tanks where heat dissapation is an issue) and at
around $6- are dirt cheap for a 2'X4' piece at home depo. you might have to
brace them on larger tanks but it is easier to simply zip-tie 2 together. A
friend of mine has this type of cover on his 120 reef w/ well over 500watts
of light on it.

Uh huh. I knocked over a fan, it fell into a tank. Hey, I really
did do the right thing and unplug it when I put it up there. 

I was aghast when I saw my arm in a large tank holding
an electrical appliance. You don't have time to think
one moment there's a blur and the next you're either lucky
or unconscous, possibly dead.

Those CF lights that sit above open tanks being held up
by two little bits of plastic (!) scare the holy hell out
of me. I wouldn't use one without a cross brace on the tank
so when, not if, it falls it at worse breaks the bulb. Same
for that egg crate crap. The problem with plastics is, *light*
makes them brittle. And heat. It's just abotu the worst thing
to use to hold a freaking light up with, and I've seen some
precarious shoplitgh fixtures resting on egg crates on tanks. Bah.

Use thick glass to make a support for the lighting fixture. Make
is to when it falls you don't ger to test how fresh your GFI is,
assuming you have one.


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