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Re: [APD] Recovering from algea break out

>My tank has suffered some serious neglect and I have a serious hair
>algae algae break out. The CO2 ran out, water changes ware very
>What would be the best way to recover. Should I dismantle the system
>and sterilise everything and start again.
>Or would I be able to recover by cleaning of all the algae, getting
>the the CO2  back to decent levels and regular water changes ?
>I would prefer not to dismantle the tank but if that's the best way to
>go I'll have to.

1) remove all the algae you can.
2) Change 30% of the water. Diatom the organic matter
out of it if you can.
3) Do it again tomorrow
4) Keep doing it till one day you relaize it's all better.

There any number of chemicals that will kill the algae,
copper and Aquarium phamecuticals Algae Fix will kill
it and all inverts. H202 will kill it of it's red alge
and maybe if it's greed thread - Steve Puchak is playing
with that. But any of these methods will give you one
mother of an ammonia spike from all the dead stuff; they
will work, and faster, but cleaup and good ferts is
probably the way to handle it.


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