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[APD] Has any Cryptocoryne striolata

Hello all,
We were wondering if any of you might have for sale or exchange 2 plants of Cryptocoryne striolata.

The reason is we recently made a special import of some very rare Cryptocoryne's . We had to pay full retail price for these, plus $40 for a phytosanitary certificate, then another $310 for one small parcel for air freight, plus some $290 for the customs entry and another $42 for onward delivery to us here in Maryland.

This was very expensive for a total of some 20 odd plants.

The reason for doing so, was to get 2 of each into our tissue culture lab. Hopefully then one day we can make these rarities available at normal pricing , some time in the future.

Anyway, we lost the 2 C.striolata, and currently the store has no more available at any price.

So if any of you have one better two, of these plants we will pay $50 per plant of $70 in any plants or goods from our offering.

Hope someone can help


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