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[APD] Re: RUGF versus UGF

TB: "I used 1/2" CPVC, it's smaller than PVC. I made a grid, like a giant spray bar and drilled holes in it. If I ran the water in normal UG fashion, the sand/detritus etc will be pulled into these small holes and also clog the avbove layers, causing pockets of high flow, inconsistent distribution etc. By using Reverse flow, this eliminates these issues and I can use any size sand and have fairly consistent flow at higher flow rates, the water is prefiltered before being moved into the grid. ::snip:: No need for plastic insect screen also and allows more space for roots(all the way to the very bottom of the gravel and around the pipes). ::snip::"

I used the regular 1/2" PVC and made an elongated 'H' shape turned sideways at the bottom of my 90 gallon. The legs of the 'H' are drilled with two rows of 5/16" holes at 90 degrees to each other, turned toward the bottom of the tank. The plastic insect screen molds tight to the pipe and keeps 1-3mm blasting grit out. I used a cross fitting at the intersections of the 'H' and did a double return back to the pump to hopefully even out the flow. I'm using it for mechanical filtering since there is no other filter on the tank, so RUGF would contradict the purpose in this case. Like I said, just curious.


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