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[APD] Re:DANGER- A caution for anyone answering Sarahs

I took Chrys' comment to mean that most of the folks here are quite familiar
with [Redacted] and Carol's general statement about ". . . one club whose
members . . ." might have been kind of funny from the viewpoints of some
people who knew the story.  Maybe an inside thing.

I hope that people are not afraid to offer opinions on products and vendors,
when these opinions are well thought out, documented, and made without
malice.  "I ordered plants from the ABC company.  The order came three
months late, all the plants were all dead, and they wont give me back my
money" is OK.  "Don't buy from the ABC company because they are rotten
crooks" is not.

Some of the words and deeds that inspired the [Redacted]


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