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Re: [APD] re: chelators

In my own tanks, I can easily see iron deficiency, because several indicator plants, 
most notably a chain sword which might be E. tennelus, lose their deep green color 
and become quite pale. 

But I want to go back to your original posting which said, 
"I observed extreme chlorosis and poor plant growth in a tank that has an UG filter, despite the application 
of increasing quantities of Flourish.  The poor plant growth was accompanied by frequent blooms of BGA and 
a filamentous green alga.  Switching to a product containing Fe-EDTA cleared up the problem"

This brings up two possible answers to why your plant growth improved, neither of which has to do with the type of iron.
The first is that it was not the type, but the ratio of iron to other ingredients.
The second is that it was the type and ratio of macro and trace elements in the two products.
Or both.

Just my $.02

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