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[APD] Re: Help, please

Thanks, Scott.  I was afraid that's what you might say about the Flourite findint its way to the top.  I guess I'll just forget about the sand and use straight Flourite.

Yes, it is a 48" bulb and I knew that the lighting was lean, but I'm terrified of electricity.  (Hubby just put a timer on our exhaust fan so now the light in his closet doesn't come on and when he left the closet light switch in the on position, the fan ran constantly so I don't think he's going to be a lot of help.  LOL  An electrician is coming tomorrow to fix the fan/closet situation.)  Do you think the crypts, aponogeton and Annubias will survive if not thrive with the current lighting?  What about Java fern and Java moss?

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