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Re: [APD] Re: Help, please

The physics of it is that the little stuff falls through 
the gaps between the larger stuff, so the finer ends up on
the bottom. :-(

I think just about all of those plants will want more
light. The anubias are hard to say; they do very well with
very little light and they are sturdy as all get out. But
the fern grows painfully slow even with moderate lighting
-- it might be too easily overtaken with algae.

If the tank's location gets lots of sunlight, or better,
direct sunlight for about three hours per day, that can
make a big diff.


PS, the AHS kits have very good instructions.
Alternatively, the coralife PC hoods are pretty good but

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> Thanks, Scott.  I was afraid that's what you might say
> about the Flourite findint its way to the top.  I guess
> I'll just forget about the sand and use straight
> Flourite.
> Yes, it is a 48" bulb and I knew that the lighting was
> lean, but I'm terrified of electricity.  (Hubby just put
> a timer on our exhaust fan so now the light in his closet
> doesn't come on and when he left the closet light switch
> in the on position, the fan ran constantly so I don't
> think he's going to be a lot of help.  LOL  An
> electrician is coming tomorrow to fix the fan/closet
> situation.)  Do you think the crypts, aponogeton and
> Annubias will survive if not thrive with the current
> lighting?  What about Java fern and Java moss?
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