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[APD] Actinics and Moonlights

"The tank was a 125 gallon. Six feet long. The lights were four daylight 96 watt CF and two actinic 96 watt CF, so I guess that means I had a 2:1 ratio of daylight to actinic."

Thanks Dave,

That gives me a reference to work with.


"I bought two Coralife moonlites (blue LED) and was really disappointed. You will like the white LEDs. I use CSL Moonlites on my tanks, and they are all white. Looks much more natural than blue LEDs."

I temporarily installed one of the white 3-LED moonlights from http://autolumination.com/fixtures.htm and it looks like that may be enough, depending on how it is pointed. Seems to work better pointed up into a white hood, since the light gets spread around. I bought two so I'll play around with them. The Cardinal Tetras are cool under the moonlight, just a bunch of blue stripes milling around.


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