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Re: [APD] Restarting a tank -- Starting a planted tank

Quoting "S. Hieber" <shieber at yahoo_com>:

> > 
> > > 4. How long should the new planted tank sit before I
> > can start adding new
> > > fish?
> > 
> > The tank will need to cycle before adding fish (that you
> > want to keep). 
> A Planted tank doesn't have to cycle at all. It's a myth of
> sorts from the plastic plant days, when aquarists used
> nothing but bacteria to use up nitrogenous products in the
> water. 

You are correct Scott,
I am aware that the plants will keep the ammonia down and cycling is not as 
big of a deal as it is in a fish only or lightly planted tank. But even in a 
planted tank, it doesn't have the same capacity when you first set it up as it 
will after cycling. Perhaps I should rephrase that... it wont have the 
FORGIVENESS of overstocking, overfeeding, etc. as an established tank. IMHO it 
is good practice not to fill your tank up to the brim with expensive fish 
right away. Especially if this is the persons first attempt at a planted 
aquarium. For the plants to keep ammonia down, they have to grow. Their 
success with the plants will determine how well the plants regulate the 
ammonia levels (not something I would gamble with as a beginner). Despite the 
experience level, I wouldn't throw $300 worth of discus into a 2 day old tank. 
It really depends on what kind of fish they want to keep. If they want to keep 
relitively inexpensive fish... sure go ahead and throw them in. They will 
probably do fine, and if you lose one or two you aren't out much. I didn't 
suggest they do a fishless cycle, just a low (and inexpensive) fish load. I 
just tend to lean towards the safe side. It doesnt hurt to wait a while and 
test the ammonia and nitrite levels. 
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