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RE: [APD] Re: tragedy/triumph

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>Sorry to hear that all of your fish died. How many fish were in the tank
>BEFORE you added the new ones? How many new fish did you add the last time?

I had 18 fish, from big discus and angels to a bunch of medium sized gold
barbs, a couple tetras, a few bottom feeders, a beautiful big betta, a

IMHO that alone is too many fish for a 55 gallon tank of course depending on
how many "big discus and Angels you had in there and how big that Pleco was.
Your filter may have just been keeping up and then adding 6 more fish
overpowered it causing an ammonia spike which = dead fish. Overstocking can
be accomplished with extra filtration and more frequent water changes. I
have a couple of tanks that are overstocked however I run double ATI sponge
filters and do weekly 40% water changes .


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