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[APD] Re: tragedy/triumph

>Sorry to hear that all of your fish died. How many fish were in the tank
>BEFORE you added the new ones? How many new fish did you add the last time?

I had 18 fish, from big discus and angels to a bunch of medium sized gold barbs, a couple tetras, a few bottom feeders, a beautiful big betta, a plecko.

>Could it be that you exceeded the safe capacity of the tank with the new
>additions? An aquarium isn't a can of sardines, the idea is not to see how
>many fish you can pack into a small space.

I added six new small fish. That should not be too many fish for a 55 gal.

>Biowheels are great biological filters - I have around half a dozen of them,
> all sitting in a box at the back of a storage locker. The problem I have
>with Biowheels is that they remove Carbon Dioxide from the water as they

Maybe I'll return the biowheel and sterilize those powerheads.

 but hold onto the powerheads - they can come in handy to
>add extra circulation (there are few things prettier than watching plants
>sway in the circulation of a few well placed powerheads)

  how big is your old gravel? Marble size?
>Sand size? Some size in between? 
inbetween-- I'm leaning toward dumping it and starting with something finer grained.

>One thing - you really ought to have a second tank to use as a
>hospital/quarintine tank. 

Yes, this is a good idea. I'll never add new fish to old fish without a quarintine first.

 cross-contaminate your display tank.
>You say nothing about lighting in your post - you do realize that a planted
>tank is going to need more light than a traditional "fish tank"? You don't
>have to light up a ball park, but you do need adequate lighting to grow the

thanks for bringing this up (all of you how did). I have a 48" florescent tube fixture with reflector. It carries a 40 watt bulb. That probably not enough, eh? would I add another tube fixture? I don't think I can increase the wattage in the one. How much would I need? Did I hear 2 watts/gal? that would be almost three times the lighting i have now..........

>Hope this helps.
James! You have helped so much. As have the other responders. I intend to take this venture slowly. It took me years to establish the other tank, I am in no hurry and want to do it right.


Traci HalesVass
traci at tracihv_net

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