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Re: [APD] Vortex XL

Nice to know the options. Vortex (Innerspace Space) charges
$10+ for a new jar. 

I hadn't looked at my XL in a while. They still come with
glass jars. It's the D1 model that was switched to a
plastic jar some years ago.

Staying with glass for the XL allows for the
in-the-jar-neck seal via o-ring and the use of the
thumbscrews for fastenign the pump assembly to the jar. A
plastic jar woul d just collapse or tear if the thumbscrews
were the least bit overtightened.

Do the glass condiment jars have a size coding on them?

Scott H.

--- Susan Aufieri <susanaufieri at verizon_net> wrote:
> All the ones I've seen (four or five?) use one gallon
> [insert condiment 
> choice here] jars. It was one of the reasons I chose the
> Vortex. I tend 
> to be klutzy and drop things (bad carpal tunnel in both
> hands) and if I 
> did drop and break it, it's easily replaced.

S. Hieber
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