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[APD] Taking Things Apart -- Carbo Plus

 Someone mentioned what you can learn by taking things apart... has anyone
ever opened up a Carbo Plus unit?

I ask because I have one running on that tank in the elementary school, but
I am concerned because the cord seems to be not good. It looks like it was
tugged on pretty hard at some point and this pulled out at the base of the
unit, one wire, covered in green is snapped, and the white cotton-like
wrapping shows. It works when I shove the wire back into the unit, but I am
nervous about safety. I had to turn the unit up more than I was led to
expect to to get less performance that I was expecting. I was given this to
use at the school and I hate to look a gift horse in the mouth but I think
this horse needs some attention.

I do hate electircal work (ever since I shocked the fool out of myself
working on a car, welding a ring to my hand) and so I am not eager to open
this thing up unless someone who has can tell me that I am likely to be able
to open it with out breaking it and be able to strip and reconnect that wire
without too much confusion.

Any good advice out there?

Ann Viverette

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