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[APD] Re: Float switches (was contact rating)

I'm advised that mercury switches are no longer
used because of potential environmental damage.

Pretty sure they're still out there but I don't use them much. The units are sealed in glass vials and wouldn't be a problem unless broken, and that's difficult to do with the assembled units due to the outer enclosure that protects the actual mercury switch. Just about every mechanical thermostat will use a small mercury switch too.

Unfortunately I'm really not looking to get into
any soldering.  Breadboarding electronics doesn't
seem to be one of my talents (I'm really more of
a software kind of guy. If I could do it in C++,
no problem).

Does anybody sell a ready to go unit that can
control my 27 watts of 110 VAC stuff?  I found
one site but they were in Scotland.

With the solid state relays you wouldn't need to solder anything -- everything would be screw terminals and you'd be looking at a total of about 7 connections. You can get industrial relay assemblies that are pre-built that would do what you want (let your float switch control a load), but they're generally in the hundreds of dollars.

You might try looking at http://www.usplastics.com. They have a lot of plastic tanks (industrial, not aquarium :-), and they do have some level control switches available. Not sure of pricing though.


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