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[APD] Re: temperature


"Okay here is a dumb question coming from
somebody who has been in the hobby for 36

I don't think that's a dumb question at all.  

"It is staying about 76 degrees.  Should I try
to up that to 78?"

No.  76 degrees is perfectly fine.  A lot of plants we
keep in our tanks are not tropical and appreciate
temperatures that are a bit lower.  Your Ludwigia,
Bacopa (caroliniana?), and hairgrass are good
examples.  They will grow stronger and healthier in
water that isn't too hot.  

My tank is unheated most of the year even though I
live in Pennsylvnia.  It's usually around 70 in the
morning and 74 or 75 in the evening (except during the
summer).  The plants do fine and the fish don't seem
to mind either (although I doubt that would be very
good for discus and rams...).  Internodes are shorter
and leaves are larger.  My Hottonia grows stems over 3
inches wide at the crown (strong light and abundant
co2/ferts helps that too).  You need not worry about
your tank temperature.    


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