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[APD] 20 Years My Eye!

Now that I've gotten to use my vortex, I've run into yet another problem.
The jar has cracked on the bottom.  After already having purchased a
defective product (no fan) and dealing with it never sealing properly
because the jar isn't circular, and now this, I'll never consider one of
their products again.  I hope other people have different experiences with
it, but I have 30G syphoned water in my carpet under my tank as a result and
I'm not happy!  Considering the 'wonderful' experience I had with them last
time, I have a feeling there's a far shot I'll get my money back.  I don't
even want the thing in my house anymore.  I mean, this is normal use,
followed directions to a T.  There's no excuse for a product like this.  I'm
highly disappointed.

-Dave T.

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