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[APD] What is a contact rating and what does it mean to me?

I'm getting all excited about float switches from
www.liquidlevel.com.  Yes, I'm the kind of person
who gets excited about such things, but not the
kind of person who knows what I am looking at.

The reed switch for the one I favor has these

Contact Rating: 66 vac/dc
Type: SPDT
Max Switching Voltage: 220 vac/dc
Max Switching Current: 1.0A ac/dc

What I want to switch is 110 house current running
a 15 watt UV steralizer and a 12 watt Fluval #4
filter.  I calculate the amps (A=W/V) as 0.225, so
I look good on Max Switching Current.  Max Switching
Voltage looks good.  SPDT, well, I want one to be
normally open and one normally closed, so that all
seems okay.

What does the contact rating mean and how does it
apply to my situation?  For twice the money I could
up it to 100 vac/dc.

I need five of these so the difference in price
(17 vs 29 dollars) mounts up.


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