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[APD] Re: Corys Not Active

At 12:03 PM 3/16/2004 -0500, Jason Hatton wrote:
I just set up my tank.

The tank is about 4 days old and I have 4 mollies, a betta, a bala
shark, and two cory juliis.

The corys don't appear to be moving much and I haven't seen them eat
anything yet.  I looked around on the web to see  what other people said
about their corys and most said they were pretty active and always
foraging from food.

I am a little concerned about them but, wondering if I really should be.

The tank as of yesterday had ammonia at .5 ppm pH is still iffy but my guess is is 7.6. It is sitting on the boundaries of my test kit. No nitrites yet although I put bio spira in the tank four days ago.

Unfortunately, that much ammonia is will kill delicate fish, and stress most others. Your upcoming Nitrite spike will have them all clamping their fins and swimming like cripples.

You didn't mention whether this is a plant tank. With that much detectable ammonia, my guess is that it is a fish-only tank.

For your fishes sake, do an immediate water change squirt a full dose of Amquel or Prime every few days to detoxify the ammonia and the upcoming nitrite. It should not slow down your cycling process. Next time, a faster way to cycle the tank is to get a nice dirty filter pad or sponge for your filter from an established tank, and to use that in conjunction with fresh filtration media for the first 8 weeks, along with a low fish load.

And always treat every drop of water change water with the recommended amount of Amquel or Prime. Never wash biological filtration material in tap water-only in waste aquarium water.

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