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[APD] corys/new tank problems

A lot of gasses form on and in the substrate durring the first couple of months a tank is set up. For that reason many people do not recomend adding any kind of bottom fish durring the cycle period of a tanks set up. Also in the attempt to make sure the bottom feeders eat most people will unwittingly overfeed them, thus causing an ammonia spike. If at all possible, remove your bottom fish (maybe the LFS will take them back), sharks and any others that seem stressed, stop feeding the ones that remain for a few days allowing the bacteria to slowly build up in number without adding more biological load (you could add stress-zyme or cycle also) and be patient. Do not add fish and do not add any "magic" or "snake-oil" type products that promise to clear your water- most do nothing and the ones that do do something tend to disrupt the bacteria from colonizing and reproducing, thus making the wait for the tank to cycle take even longer. If you feel you must do something a small 5 t!
 o 10
 percent water change will improve the environment somewhat without removing too much bacteria- just remember that everything you do now will effect how long it takes for the tank to cycle. A clear tank now could mean several more weeks of waiting for your nitrites to be converted into nitrates. Good Luck!

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