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[APD] Driftwood suppliers

After going through a similar saga trying to find "the piece" of driftwood,
Dave G. discovered some on Ebay.  The seller, Wayne,  had a really nice
selection and the wood looked awesome.  Dave and I each got a big piece and
it is absolutely gorgeous!  It is guaranteed to sink as well. 

I corresponded with Wayne a few days ago, asking when he was putting more up
on Ebay.  He indicated he was opening an Ebay store but would still have
some auctions (there aren't any currently).  I then told him I had friends
that would really like to get some of this stuff (there are also rock
pieces). He said people could email and tell him I gave them his address.  I
don't know if his store is up yet or if he could send you pictures.  It is
definitely the most beautiful wood I've seen though.  The prices seemed
reasonable as well.

His email address is rockartsource at hotmail_com.  I did get permission to
post his address here.  Obviously, I didn't plan to post this until after I
knew the  store was up but it came up.

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