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Re: [APD] Driftwood Suppliers

I know of two places and one might not have much left.

FloridaDriftwood.com shows picks of what's for sale --
kinda pricey though. There's a varitety of types including

Jehmco.com shows picks of what they have -- except they
don't always update what they've sold so you have to call
and check.  This is autosinking dwood.

Most of the stuff can use a good boiling to remove the
"Tea". The Jehmco stuff doesn't make tea for more than a
few weeks.

Good luck,
Scott H.

--- revance at indiana_edu wrote:
> Does anybody know of someone who sells nice pieces of
> driftwood? I would really 
> like to find a website that supplies pictures of the
> actual pieces they are 
> selling. I just like to see things before I buy them.
> Unfortunately I haven't 
> been able to find a site that does this and none of the
> lfs around here sell 
> nice driftwood. They all sell that junk that is just a
> piece of wood with a few 
> holes drilled through it attached to a piece of slate.  
> For this reason I have considered using resin replicas of
> driftwood. Top-Fin 
> makes a really nice looking "root" unfortunately the
> color is not very natural 
> looking (it looks kind of orange). I figure if it looks
> real, it is nice 
> because the picture on the website is of the ACTUAL
> piece, and it doesnt pose 
> the problem of tanins in the water. So I am willing to go
> either way. If anyone 
> knows of a good place for real or replica driftwood I
> would really appreciate 
> your input.

S. Hieber

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