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[APD] Growing Glosso Update.

Hi guys, 

It's been several weeks since I've asked for help about growing my
glosso. I have to thank everyone, especially tom, for all the help. 

I got a pressurized co2 system finally, and added the recommended
fertilizers (1.25 ml of kno3, .625 ml of k2so4m .01 ml of kh2po4, and 5
ml of TMG, 2x per week), turned on both of my lights (130 watts in a 20
gallon) and my tank has never been more beautiful! It's busting out! The
glosso is growing amazing; I've never seen it have such thick and full
leaves. And my other plants are totally benefiting too! My anubias has 3
flowers blooming at the same time, and my Hydrocotyle's and lace plants
are huge! 

I think it's been the co2 more than anything. There's such a big
difference between having a diy co2 unit and having a real system! I
can't stop staring at my tank in wonder. Totally worth the +$200 I've
spent on the co2 system. Yeast sourced co2, even with my external
reactor, just didn't cut it.

I do have some additional questions for u guys though....

1. I thought my lace plant was an Aponogeton madagascariensis but I
realize my lace plant has wider, bigger leaves. Anyone know what it
might be?

2. Does my external co2 reactor with bio balls in it function as a
biological filter as well? I mean, it has bio balls in it so bacteria
can grow on them, but I wonder if all the co2 (just one bubble per
second actually) affects that.

3. My fish have gotten ick! I don't have another tank to put them in,
and I don't want to put any ick medicine cause of my plants and shrimps.
My current plan, since my fish are only a school of 15 rummy nose, an
otto cat, and a SAE, is to wait it out and see if they get over it or
just let them die and then get new fish. Any other suggestions?

4. Even with all my fertilizer dosing and light, I don't have an algae
problem. May seem weird that I'm concerned about this but I'm afraid my
sae and ottocat are starving? I guess this is a good thing cause I have
Cyperus helferi and I don't want algae growing on it, but does this mean
I can dose more fertiler?

Anyways, thanks everyone! As soon as my tank looks the way I want it to,
I'll post picks!

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