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Re:[APD] Growing Glosso Update.

The fish may develop a resistance to the ick but then they may not. IMHO letting them die to get new fish is simply cruel especially if you consider that the ick will still be in the tank waiting to jump on any fish you toss in it as soon as they are stressed, simply buying new fish will cause stress... not to mention the ordeals they suffered before you got them. If you don't have a sick tank then you don't have a quarantine tank so what ever new fish you buy will risk adding even more possible problems to the tank you don't want to treat. My suggestion is if you simply will not set up a sick/quarantine tank is to buy a plastic container to treat them in.

While the plants are the focus of my tanks, I am still a soft touch with living creatures sorry if the above offends you.

As far as the algae eaters, you can supplement their diet with blanched vegetables like zucchini, cucumber, green beans etc.


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