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Re: [APD] planting small foreground plants


From: Shireen Gonzaga <whimbrel at comcast_net>
Subject: [APD] planting small foreground plants
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Hi ... I've been having a hard time planting small foreground plants like glosso because my fish keep uprooting them! Does anyone have creative ideas on how to secure them till a good root system has been established? The culprits are mostly flagfish, and I think some of the Aphyosemion australe are doing it too.


Have you been feeding them plenty of veggies? *J. floridae* will consume impressive amounts of microwave-blanced zucchini ends and similar foods. [Failure to provide them will force the fish to go for the easier plants, as algae is just minor snack food to them.]

The blanching in a bit of water drives out much of the air, and you can squeeze the rest out. That softens and lets the veggies sink and stay down where the fish can pick at them easier.

Pupfish, like the American-Flag Fish, are primarily vegetarians and they are just doin' what comes "natural." :-) I vaguely recall that they also like some sinking pellets as made for pl*ckos.

For securing small, fine plants, it is hard to beat wrapping in a fine hairnet (that can include a stone, if needed).


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