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[APD] Re: Water, water everywhere

On Fri, 5 Mar 2004 07:30:37 -0800, Rachel Sandage <rachelsor at hotmail_com> wrote:

Tomorrow I will be doing another water change. We are thinking about moving
the tank and stand while it is mostly empty to get a look at the damage; is
that worth doing, or is the stress to the tank not worth the risk? (I don't
usually change the water quite this often, but I am leaving town on Saturday
night & won't be back for over a week, and I am *thisclose* to wiping out
the last bits of BBA).

I thought you couldn't move a tank until it was completely empty? I know when I was moving my 25 gallon tank, my mum wanted to move it with the gravel in it, but once I had taken it out it became obvious how heavy it was (which was very).
Or do you mean trying to move the stand and tank at the same time (which would presumably be very very heavy?), plus might put twisting forces on the tank?

Andrew McLeod
thefish at theabyssalplain_freeserve.co.uk

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