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[APD] Re: Water, water everywhere

Thanks to all who have replied both on and off list. I've had the doors wide 
open on the bottom and a fan blowing warm air in since Wednesday night. One 
interesting note is that this should be acting kind of like a substrate 
heater, warming the bottom of the tank. I haven't seen any difference in 
plant growth.

One thing about the stand is that it has a piece of plywood which covers the 
entire bottom, so I cannot see or feel if the carpet/pad/flooring under the 
stand is wet. The plywood, and the stand itself, do not look as if they have 
warped much, although I have to admit I hadn't looked that closely at them 
before this happened.

Tomorrow I will be doing another water change. We are thinking about moving 
the tank and stand while it is mostly empty to get a look at the damage; is 
that worth doing, or is the stress to the tank not worth the risk? (I don't 
usually change the water quite this often, but I am leaving town on Saturday 
night & won't be back for over a week, and I am *thisclose* to wiping out 
the last bits of BBA).

Someone asked what kind of Fluval was involved; it was the reactor, not the 
filter, that I put together incorrectly, and the filter is an Eheim.

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