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[APD] RE: HQI MH lights for 150 w bulb and a good price for

Cool :^)

keep us updated on these lights :^)

Victor Eng

> We are doing a group buy locally with some Reefer's  so folks are getting
> the 4 or more price of 135$ ea. I'm going to get 2.
> That's even tougher to beat that price. A very good deal for reef folks
> also wanting a small cube 20-35 gal range or planted marine.
> A 50-60 gal cube would do well for more relaxed growth or 2x 150w over a
> 75-90 gal.
> I like Cube tanks and having two will allow a nice marine plant tanks and
> FW version near one another.
> I will probly get rid of the 20-25gals and switch to a 30-37Gal cube
> Oceanic tank or custom build it. These are about the right size and also
> will suuport the rim removal so all that's at the top is glass, Ideally I
> will have the 30" stand glass also so I might just have the whole thing
> custom made perhaps.
> But that will be later.
> Good lighting that also looks good is the most costly item for Planted
> tanks very often.
> Folks can upgrade to E ballast or lower profile fixtures later also.
> They also make 5200K HQI double ended bulbs.
> Or a 5200K AB bulb
> http://www.aquatic-store.com/en-us/dept_263.html
> ~55$ ea.
> Here's a bulb for 32$ but not sure if it's by the case only, probly is for
> 32$ but it's the right color temp(6,500K), bulb and is cheaper than PC
> replacemnt.
> I figure a case would last 20-30 years if you had two lights. Splitting up
> the cost of these is a good idea with other folks:-) Or piggy back with a
> LFS. Most would like the price for resale.
> http://www.goodmart.com/products/243587.htm
> If I was a LFS, I'd have these in my shop.
> Regards,
> Tom Barr

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