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Re: [APD] Micro plant tank ideas?

I personally think the mini bow 2.5 makes a great micro plant tank.  I work
at a LFS, and have set up two of these as plant tanks in the past couple
Here is what I've done to make them suitable:

1- Replace the Whisper cartridge with a sponge and some good bio-media like
Ehiem efi-lav or the like.  keep the water level above the outflow to reduce
excess surface agitation.

2 - Replace the standard incandescent light with a screw in 5500K cf.

3 - Use Florite or Flora Base as the substrate, and input carbon using
Flourish excel carbon.

4 - Choose smaller plants like pygmy chain sword, corkscrew val, small
cryps, etc.

5 - Buy a 5 watt submersible heater like this http://tinyurl.com/2ybum

As for the puffers, great mini tank species choice, though they may pick on
the shrimp... maybe.


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