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new setup - questions!


Ending about 2 years ago I have previously had a planted aquarium over a
period of 1-2 years. I stopped because of lack of success and because of
lack of time.
I am now trying again and have some questions.

The aquarium is 160 L (~40 US gal.) with 60W. I add compressed CO2 in the
intake of my Eheim Ecco filter. Gravel with laterite (~250g) in the bottom.
Tap water is GH 21, KH 15, Ph ~7.6. Water in this area is very pure and very

I added water and plants 8 days ago; Hyg. polysperma, Hyg. corymbosa
Siamensis, Lud. repens, Ceratopteris tha., Ech. cordifolius "ovalis", and
some crypts, anubias and java fern. The plan was to use Chuck's "fishless
cycling", so no fish yet and no fertilizer yet.
Water now measures Ph < 7.4 (i have ordered a low range kit). Some of the
kits are 2 years old and probably of not so good quality.  I *think* nitrit
is about 1-2 and nitrat is about 5-10. But can that be correct? I will have
to order some new kits. Phosphat is 0.6 and ion is 0.0 (?).

The fast growers has had fair but not spetacular growth, except the
corymbosa witch has not grown so much (it is in the darkest corner).

Now, what had me worried it that dueing the last day thread algea has
developed. It is not so large yet, but it is on most of the plants and on
the wood.
I have changed 1/3 of the water, but do not know what else to do.

I was planning to add a few SAE's and plecos next week. But should I do that
if I realy has that much nitrat?

Thanks in advance for any reply,