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CO2 Tank Dump potential and how to prevent

RE Paul Hudson's note that mentioned   "the dreaded tank end dump"

I have been reviewing the various posts on this subject recently.  My
conclusion is that IF the working pressure is sufficiently high, such that
max flow has been achieved, the sudden increased pressure of "tank dump"
would have virtually no impact or at least minor impact on the volume of CO2
sent thru a needle valve.  This is based on the fact that needle valves are
really flow regulators, and the flow does not increase linearly with
increased pressure.  Due to a factor called "turbulance".

Should be pretty easy to test my theory by setting up a needle valve and co2
tank, set at a working pressure that I would guess needs to be about 20 psi.
Record the bubble rate.  Then simulate the tank dump, doubling or trippling
the pressure.  From what I have read, the volume of CO2 flow should not
increase much if at all.

I recall reading that one or two people did such tests but I don't think the
tests were conclusive.

I also recall reading some conclusions that if using a needle valve set as I
restated above, tank dump would not be a problem.


Bob Alston
BobAlston9 at AOL_com