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Stunted growth - Algae growth

I am guessing there is a relationship between the stunted growth of this 
Eichornia diversifolia:

and the growth of this hairy algae: 

and this gray, moundy algae:
(The photo is misleading on the color - it's really a gray color, very 
similar to the gray color of the text that says "next" right above the 

My guess is a nutrient imbalance. Anybody care to make a guess about WHAT 
might be in overabundance/short supply? I guess the SAE were doing their 
job, because this algae showed up right away after I got rid of them.

This is the same old 72 gallon, CO2 supplemented tank with 220W of AH Supply 
light (18 months old) I've been talking about for 1.5 years now...

Feeling kind of like King Nebuchadnezzar.

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