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Hygrophilia Experience


Over a year ago I bought some Hygrophilia polysperma and planted it in a 
newly set-up 29.  It rapidly grew to the top and reproduced by the side 
shoots that form at the nodes.  Then it declined a bit, possible because of 
old lights.  When these were replaced the growth restarted.

Anyway, about six months ago I planted some cuttings in a 20 long that 
apparently wasn't as hospitable.  These grew a little but seemed to expand 
more horizontally.  I sort of ignored them.

Today I removed some of those for another new tank.  I pulled one out and to 
my surprise out came another and another and another. . .   They were joined 
by subsurface runners, looking for all the world like chain swords (although 
the leaves were a lot different).  None had any internodal shoots.

I can't find a reference to this behavior in Kasselman.   Would insufficient 
light cause it?  The tank has 2 WPG but the tubes are also old.

BTW, if it stayed at this size it would make a pretty good foreground plant.