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Re: To Watt or not to Watt

Bill Wichers said, in part:

> . . . Also, 10000K
> is way too high a 
> color temp for a planted tank unless you really want it
> to look bluish. 

Well, sort of -- it depends on the particular bulb in

Bulbs rated 10000 Kelvin aren't necessarily excessively
bluer than bulbs rated lower.  Alas, color temp and overall
perceived color don't pair up precisely.  The color temp is
a rating for a blend of the spectral output of the bulb,
which could be made up a any number of combinations of
wavelengths.  And then, who knows how some manufacturers
decide on how they rate their bulbs  :-|  . 

The URI Aquasun is a good example of a VHO with very
natural color (yeah, that's that subjective) although it is
rated 10k Kelvin for color temp.  Probably due to some
sharp spikes in the blue end of the spectrum, but the
overall color isn't as blue as, for example some of the
6700 Kelvin bulbs from AH Supply.

Certainly, within a class of bulbs by the same
manufacturer, those with higher color temp ratings, as a
rule of thumb, tend to be bluer in appearance than their
bulbs with lower color temp ratings.

I like the perceived color of the Aquasuns, but prefer to
PCs -- and as a personal matter, I like the perceived color
of those 6700 Kelvin bulbs from AH Supply.

Scott H.

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