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To Watt or not to Watt

Date: Sun, 9 Feb 2003 14:16:20 -0000

From: {quot}George Booth{quot} <gbooth at frii_com>
Subject: Re: To Watt or not to Watt

> Date: Fri, 07 Feb 2003 17:34:48 -0600
&gt; From: MG &lt;300bowler at cox-internet_com&gt;

> I know 4 - 5 watts is optimum and
&gt; this is probably my best choice using that standard.

Where on earth did you read that 4-5 watts per gallon is

With modern, compact fluoresent lights and good reflectors, anything over

watts per gallon is too much


I read it from an article written by a much respected & now deceased
peer of the planted community, none other than Mr. Dan S.
Quackenbush.  I quote, {quot}There is a rule of thumb for light
requirements that I like, the rule of thumb is 2-5 watts of light per
gallon of water.  The closer to 5 watts the better.  Those
watts are for ideal conditions.&quot;

I'm sure he was speaking of the  T8 or T12 flourescents, and not the
{quot}modern{quot} compacts.  I guess that is why I asked the
opinion of the list.  By the responses I received, I'm glad I did,
thank all of those who responded very much in helping me to avoid making
a grave error.

Mike G.

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