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Dispensing PMDD:part deux

My mother works for a hospital, and she brought home this 4 liter bottle 
used to dispense saline solution intravenously for patients.  I was going to 
use the bottle for co2, but then started thinking.  I was wondering how the 
liquid got out if there was no hole in the top.  She said that little thing 
that counts the drips has an air vent, so the bottle can keep dispensing.  
Next question for mother:  can you control how many drops come out in a 
given time? Answer: yes.  Well this seems like a good setup for pmdd 
dispensing!  I don't know how long 4 liters would last, and it's probably 
unsightly for some people to have a bottle like that hanging above their 
tank.  Those bottles and those IV drip counters, I know have to be a dime a 
dozen.  They use them all the time.  I think.  Anyone already done this?  
Anyone want to pat me on the back for having an idea?

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