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Dispensing PMDD

I was just wondering what everyone else uses to dispense pmdd into their 
tanks.  There has to be a difference in methods because some people have 
small tanks and only have to dispense drops, and others have big tanks and 
have to drop cc's of pmdd.  I only have small tanks (for now) and I use this 
dispensor/container, it's hard to describe.  It's a small bottle, a little 
taller than a normal eye dropper, and the screw on cap to the bottle has a 
built in eye dropper.  Looks like something you might of used in chemistry.  
I also use a Bausch and Lomb eye dropper.  Same thing as before but 
miniaturized.  This is so much easier than my old method of getting the eye 
dropper, dipping into a coke bottle of pmdd, dispensing, put the cap back 
on, etc.  And alot easier than using that pipet thingy in seachem's flourish 
bottle.  Everything is in one unit.  Just sharing.  Hope this helps someone.

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