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RE: Dispensing PMDD

I use a Kangaroo 330 enteral feeding pump. This is a pump used for feeding 
liquids directly into a patients stomach.

I add the required amount of prepared PMDD to a 1 gallon amber bottle and 
fill with RO water. I have to dilute the PMDD because the lowest flow I can 
reliably maintain is about 40 mls/hr. At that rate, it lasts about 4 days. 
This setup also makes up for evaporation. I could maintain lower rates if I 
changed the tubing set once a week or so.

I am considering buying one of the 5 gallon Aquadose containers from Kent 
Marine. This will allow for a longer time period before I have to refill 
the container. I've been watching e-bay and Aquabid hoping for a deal, to 
no avail.