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Re: CO2 Reactor

David Terrell asked about the CO2 reactor Erik shows on The Krib

> I understand the general idea of the design, but where does the
> water come from?  
You can use any source of water flow you have, provided it is the
aquarium's water.  You can use a powerhead, filter output, sump pump
output.  Usually, a person will use an existing water flow rather than
add a new one simply for economy, but either way will work.

> It says in the directions to tap the sump return
> using
> a 'drip irrigation tap.'  WTF is that? =)

A fitting designed for drip irrigation systems.  These are small, low
flow plumbing parts that are, therefore, ideal for the relatively low
flow that's needed for a CO2 reactor to provide 100% absorption of CO2.

>  I also had a question
> about
> Bala Sharks (Tri-colored shark) in case someone knew.  .  . 
> What do I feed him exactly? 

I never found these fish to fussy.  When they get bigger (and they can
get very big, requiring a very large tank) give them bigger food. 
Pellets work well because you can get them in just about any size you
could possibly want.  

> . . .The other smaller balas react to brine shrimp, but the large
> one
> hasn't yet and I hate using flake food because it simply follows the
> current right into my overflow!

If you pre-soak your flake food, it won't sit on the water surface.

What did it eat before yo got it?  Brine shrimp might be too new a food
for it.  These are not the smartest of fish but it might catch on if yo
keep offering shrimp.  When they get hungrier, they "look" harder for
sources of food.  

I once read a description of a stegosaurus that said, "It's brain was
so small that it was probably only dimly aware of its own existence." 
Balas are about that sharp, so be patient; we appreciate them for other
attributes.  ;-)

Good luck,
Scott H.

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