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Re: English edition of Kasselmann

Paul Krombholz updated everyone on the long awaited english ed. of
*Aquarium Plants* by Kasselman:

> The ever-receeding English edition of Kasselmann is now scheduled for
> release in October.  It will cost $84.00, but if you order now from
> Krieger
> Publishing, you can get a 15% discount.

I wonder how much it will be when it is finally released -- we don't
actually think the October date will hold, do we ;-) .  Inflation by
then, whenever 'then' is, could turn today's $84 into a considerable
sum of money.

Locking in the current price -- That's one more reason to order now.
Can you get and pass through the discount on early (paid) orders, Dave?

Scott H.

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