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CO2 Reactor

Hey all, lurkin for a while, but I have a set of questions now =)  I was
wondering if anyone had seen the CO2 reactor design on thekrib(
http://www.thekrib.com/Plants/CO2/reactor.html) and had already tried
it?  I understand the general idea of the design, but where does the
water come from?  It says in the directions to tap the sump return using
a 'drip irrigation tap.'  WTF is that? =)  I also had a question about
Bala Sharks (Tri-colored shark) in case someone knew.   I recently
acquired a 10" bala shark that had been dropped off at the LFS.  He is
in great condition, a little jumpy still, but I think he'll be fine.
What do I feed him exactly?  I have the others (much smaller fish,
hoping to go to smaller numbers/larger fish) on brine shrimp cubes and
the occasional blood worm for my angels and cats (who seem to love
them).  The other smaller balas react to brine shrimp, but the large one
hasn't yet and I hate using flake food because it simply follows the
current right into my overflow!  Any ideas are appreciated.  TIA



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