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Re: Caveat Emptor

Chuck H said:

> Scott H. cyber-faced:
> >  :-\r
> Hey, Scott, you got a little something on your chin there. ;)

Yes, but Tom has an antifungicide that will remove it. :-)

> We need to be careful about what we're calling robbing and who we're 
> calling crooks.  

My point, and Robert H's, and others, exactly.

>If a business chooses to take advantage of a
> situation 
> (e.g., no competition) by price jacking or whatever, then I say that
> is not 
> robbing 

Well under Taft-Hartley, it's not robbing, it might be restraint of
trade and still illegal.

>but just an unfortunate part of living and doing business in
> a 
> capitalist system and participating in a niche hobby.  It's not
> something I 
> like to see and we certainly have the right to bitch about it, but
> it's not 
> exactly robbing.  The proprietors who do such things may be unethical
> netherholes, but they're not really being crooks in the classical 
> sense.
Or even the legal sense, in most states, anyway. 
>  No one is holding a gun to your head or breaking into your 
> house.  
But if there's nowhere locally to go, you have a constrained set of
choices -- that's not a gun but at some point the constraints redcue
your ability to choose.  I doubt that restraint of trade is the most
common reason for high priced lfs.  
>Caveat emptor.
> However, that's not to say that criminal practices don't exist.  Some
> examples:  Robbing is when you buy something and get the runaround if
> your 
> purchase turns out to be broken or in error.  Robbing is when a
> company 
> increases charges after the point of sale without your approval. 

Technically, I think that counts as fraud, but I know what you're
getting at.

> [Redacted]

> [Redacted]


> Robbing is stuff like that.  Those are the kinds of things
> real 
> crooks do.
> Just my dos centavos.
> - --
> Chuck Huffine
> Knoxville, Tennessee
> PS:  If anyone needs some "y'alls", I can send you some.  It's
> everywhere 
> down here.  But I should warn you that there may be some "y'uns"
> mixed 
> in.  They're very hard to separate out once they get mixed in.  Worse
> than 
> Bladderwort.  Might be willing to trade for some "you guys".

I think I can scrounge up some "yousguys," will those do?

Scott H.     S:-) with a hair bump today

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