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Re: When can I cut the umbilical cord?


Your sword plantlet has an excellent chance of survival. This is exactly how 
they reproduce in their natural habitat (one of the ways).
Keep he soil in he pot quite moist for now as it more accurately simulates 
the conditions found at the same time, the growth/reproductive period of the 
season, in their natural habitat.

Regarding cutting the stalk, look for two things: (1)Does the stalk feel 
like it could be easily detached from he plantlet when you examine the 
connection point at the crown or does it feel still firmly attached?, and 
(2)Keep an eye on the underwater portion of the stalk. As the plantlet gets 
stronger and no longer needs the support of the parent plant the stalk 
starts to decay and algae are attracted to it.

I usually try to observe the first point mentioned above but swords (like 
most emergent aquarium plants) are extremely tolerant and adaptive and if 
there is any sign of stalk decay or if I'm just tired of waiting, I'll cut 
the stalk.


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