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Re: Caveat Emptor

Scott H. cyber-faced:

>  :-\r

Hey, Scott, you got a little something on your chin there. ;)

We need to be careful about what we're calling robbing and who we're 
calling crooks.  If a business chooses to take advantage of a situation 
(e.g., no competition) by price jacking or whatever, then I say that is not 
robbing but just an unfortunate part of living and doing business in a 
capitalist system and participating in a niche hobby.  It's not something I 
like to see and we certainly have the right to bitch about it, but it's not 
exactly robbing.  The proprietors who do such things may be unethical 
netherholes, but they're not really being crooks in the classical 
sense.  No one is holding a gun to your head or breaking into your 
house.  Caveat emptor.

However, that's not to say that criminal practices don't exist.  Some 
examples:  Robbing is when you buy something and get the runaround if your 
purchase turns out to be broken or in error.  Robbing is when a company 
increases charges after the point of sale without your approval.  [Redacted]
Robbing is stuff like that.  Those are the kinds of things real 
crooks do.

Just my dos centavos.
Chuck Huffine
Knoxville, Tennessee

PS:  If anyone needs some "y'alls", I can send you some.  It's everywhere 
down here.  But I should warn you that there may be some "y'uns" mixed 
in.  They're very hard to separate out once they get mixed in.  Worse than 
Bladderwort.  Might be willing to trade for some "you guys".