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Re: Who Cares -- Who Reads -- Who Shares - Who pleads

Jrquicker at aol_com said:

> Any one who has nothing to do but worry about you all, y'all, ya'll
> or what 
> ever should stick his head in his fish tank andsoak it for about ten
> minutes 
> before pulling it
> out.---------------------------------------------Thank 
> You

Sorry you feel that way.  I don't think we meant to suggest that we
were worried.  ;-)

Sometimes we get off topic, especially when we start joking around. 
[Same thing happens in face to face conversation, too.  But with a
mailing list, there is this advantage: while us babblers don't easily
shut up, readers can ignore any message that seems uninteresting and
just skip to the next -- subject lines help.  You don't even have to
say, "Excuse me, but I better go mingle now." ]

If you just skip all the stuff with me listed as the sender, you will
find a wealth of good info on APD.  Don't bail out just yet, just feel
free to be pickier about what you read on the list -- it might even
make you feel well enough to be polite! :-)

Regards y'all,
Scott H.
who lives in the southern part of the Borough

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